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We've curated a straightforward and simple signature process for interior e-design projects, where our client can be au courant with every angle of the project, while entrusting our team to fully immerse in your project, while maintaining approvals on those elements.

designed by Richie Madison Interiors


The reason for outsourcing and hiring a design studio to work with you on your project is to bring strategy, structure, expertise, and create a remarkable finished result, inspired by you


To achieve this, we've curated a straightforward and simple signature process for off-site (remote) projects, where our client can be au courant with every angle of the project, while trusting our team to fully immerse in your project, while maintaining approvals on those elements.



After onboarding, you will receive a formal welcome as our new client.  You will receive a defined task list that includes all of the elements needed for your project.  From there, we work with you to develop the concept.  We start pulling inspiration, selecting potential design elements and furnishings, all to create the vision and aesthetic.  All phases require your approval.

  • Site measurements (you will receive instruction on how and what to measure)

  • Concept development

  • Detailed explanation of the concept, through visuals, to help define the design direction and vision, inspired by our client

  • Concept approvals


Inspired by your lifestyle needs, approved concept, and design direction, our team starts the development of your 3D rendering.  Our 3D renderings are photorealistic to give you a real life experience approach and visual to your soon-to-be newly designed space.  This phase allows us to make revisions in a digital format, catch design blunders before they happen in real life, and a visual to see your space -- and how it will function before actual construction and procurement.

  • Photorealistic 3D renderings to show functionality, scale, and actual finishes and furnishings selections


After rendering approval, our team begins the process of by assembling your project by sourcing your furnishings, decor, and finish selections -- all within budget.  Your full shopping guide will be available in your client portal, along with all other elements of your design plan for your project, for implementation.  At this time, in studio, our team will begin preparing your design kit with your finish selection samples for doorstep delivery to your residence or business.  Choosing flooring, wallcoverings, or drapery panel fabrics can be difficult without seeing it up close, first.  To offer confidence and assurance in your selections, we provide those samples in our signature RM packaging for delivery -- the art of detail.

  • Sourcing of finishes, fittings, furnishings, and décor

  • Online shopping catalogue to easily and conveniently shop your home goods and selections, at your own pace.

  • Carefully prepare your design kit with all available samples and swatches, in studio, in our signature packaging for doorstep delivery

  • Password protected client portal is built for full project access


All finishing details have been made.  You will receive the login credentials to your client portal to access your full project and start installation based on our full design plan from start to finish.  Your project is ready for you and/or your contractors to execute. 


Your design plan includes:

  • Secured client portal for client and contractor access

  • Shopping catalogue with direct clickable links to the retailer for easy access to shop and have your items delivered to your doorstep

  • 3D Renderings/Drawings

  • Tear Sheet with Product Specifications

  • Detailed special notes for installation and contractors

  • Receive curated design kit with samples and swatches

  • Access to your designer during and after project completion

Procurement is available by request and only for selected projects through our procurement team.

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