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Thank you for visiting and doing business at Our commitment to you as our valued client is to provide an exciting and safe online experience or any online service with us, as well as the elevated level of privacy and personal service. Part of this commitment is to respect and protect the privacy of the personal information we obtain from you through our website. We have created this privacy policy to inform you about how we collect, use your personal information, and our privacy practices in general.


Your Personal Information Collected


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Please note this policy addresses information we collect from you through and will not be applied to any other usage.

Richie Madison Interiors or Richie Madison, LLC. will never compromise or sell your information to a third party.  Your personal information is used solely for your service or shopping experience at that time.  We do collect your email address from our questionnaire to send special invitations, promotions or any special event of Richie Madison Interiors, but we do not hold your personal bank information.

We are always ready to address your questions and concerns regarding this policy and our privacy practices. If you would like to speak to our team in regards to any of our privacy practices, please contact us directly via email,


Requesting a chargeback or opening a dispute for a valid charge from us is fraud. Chargebacks are never a legal or appropriate means of obtaining a refund. All disputes will be challenged by our legal team with sufficient evidence from our records.

Project Policy

All concept boards, drawings, layouts, and the full designed prepared by Richie Madison Interiors, are exclusive to the service of your project solely unless otherwise stated.  Richie Madison Interiors shall remain the author and owner of these documents, other reserved rights, and copyright.  We ask that you do not duplicate, distribute or train from without written permission.  Including ALL projects, and digital downloads.

By doing business with Richie Madison, LLC. you agree to these terms and policies.


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