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Our remarkably designed 3D renderings are carefully created with uttermost precision, attention to detail, and will take your project from from idea to reality. With same-day estimates and project start, 1 week delivery, and breathtaking results, our creative 3D artists are always ready to turn your interior design visions into visual masterpieces.


People make most of their decisions based on emotion.  They remember the experience when you don't have to fill in the gaps.  Those gaps are having to look at a plan and focus on the size of the rooms and the overall layout versus creating the vision of existing in the space.  Whether you create the narrative of them being in their kitchen eating breakfast with their family, or in an office where collaboration is key so they'd need to see open space that encourages that. This is why we believe imagery is a powerful tool in communicating your ideas, by unveiling the result before the start.


Richie Madison Interiors makes it easy to convey how your projects will translate into real-life experiences and emotions.  You create the narrative, we make it a reality.



Behind every great project is first a phenomenal idea.  You tell us your vision, we start the process to create a visual masterpiece.  We capture the details, know the measurements to ensure of precise realism, and the concept to ensure we convey the story.   


A successful project outcome requires a clearly defined and structured process.  You have the ability to explore options where you can make changes to your CGI, risk free.  Present the idea, see the visual, discuss with your client and design team and proceed to project execution.


Wow your clients or yourself in confidence with remarkable imagery, and visuals that clearly communicate the result before the start.  Present your idea and see it in physical existence through photorealism with vast attention to detail, perfect lighting, and the right angles to highlight those eminent details.



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Interior Designers

To present high quality 3D renderings of your interior project before renovations, purchasing of materials, finishes, and furnishings.  With rendering development, you can present multiple concepts, obtain project approvals quicker, and avoid costly mistakes that could have been prevented.


To help key decision makers with a powerful visual experience to communicate and view a proposed project in actual photorealistic detail.  Use of renderings help with planning, design, and functionality.


To use as advertising material to sell residential and commercial properties before the project is complete, to peak interest in the property and sales.

Real Estate Agencies

Get the right exposure for your listings by using renderings for property promotion and a powerful forward thinking marketing tool.  Renderings are highly beneficial for outdated, visually unappealing, and vacant properties to help sell at maximum price and the potential can easily be communicated through visualization.

Private Clients

For use of renderings to show you what a potential renovation/redesign can look like.  You will work with our Lead Designer for help with selection of finishes, furnishings, your 3D rendering, and space planning.  Once complete, you can easily execute with your contractor based on your renderings and selections.  For interior design, click here.


To start your 3D interior rendering project, you'd need to send our studio a set of content – such as:


-Architectural Plans with Measurements,

-Project Details,

-Photos/Videos of the Space if Available


-Need by Date


Don't have everything aforementioned?  Send us what you have.  First, complete this form, and a Project Manager from our team will be in touch with you to obtain your content.

"Tiara quickly delivered a nursery rendering with a quick turn around with so much class and ease. My client needed to visually understand her room design and Tiara brought it to life! She delivered the product on time and answered every email promptly with a friendly and professional disposition.
I will use her business for every client I have moving forward. Highly recommend her for your projects!"


Neffi Walker, Interior Designer | New Jersey

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After onboarding, we start by collecting all files and content necessary to begin your renderings. You will provide floor plans with measurements, drawings, furniture links, finishes, concept boards and any other information you have.


You will receive a draft of your project.  You will review and provide us with any adjustments that should be made, and we make them.


Once you have sent us your content and files, we will review and let you know if we have any questions on the project details you submitted.


We obtain your approvals before moving to final delivery.


After solidifying project details, our 3D artists begin developing the model of your interior project to prepare a proof image for your review of your CGI (Computer Generated Image).


You will receive the final 3D rendering delivery in high resolution, with photorealism, lighting details, materials, and captures the realism of your space.

"Thank you so much! The new offices are such a breath of fresh air to us being in a property that is 60 years old.  It's so nice to open the offices and get the loft feel and open airy space.  It has gone over so well with our residents and prospects."




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