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A powerful tool to market and increase real estate sales.

An Innovative Way to Advertise, Market, and Sell Your Real Estate...Faster!

We offer virtual staging services to help you sell your property faster, without the huge investment in actual furniture rental, and executed virtually.

72 Hour Turnaround

We get it.  Time is money. Your stagings will be complete within only 3 days depending on project size.  Need it sooner?  Just ask.

Complimentary Revisions

You will receive up to 2 revisions for your project.

Customer Service

You will have direct communication and access with your Designer throughout your project.

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Our Simple 3 Step Process to Get Started

We make it easy to work with us.  Submit your staging order today, and we get to work.

Take Photos

Starting a project is easy and quick. 


  • Take detailed non vacant/vacant photos of your property and include any floor plans and dimensions, if you have them. 

  • Choose the style for the staging

Go Live!

Your staging is complete within only 3 business days and ready to market for sale or lease.

  • Post your property listing

  • Post to social media to expand your marketing reach

  • Use on your website

  • Add to fliers for potential buyers/tenants and open houses

  • And much more!


Access your designer throughout your project.


  • Direct access to your designer

  • Easily manage your tasks

  • Request revisions if needed

Richie Madison Interiors Los Angeles View Park Windsor Hills

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Estimates are only for the staging of a property for sale or lease, and does not apply to rendering development and visualizations.

We'll get a vacant image of your property, virtually furnish it to appeal to your potential buyers.

For pricing, please inquire.

We'll use a property photo of your space, vacant or non vacant, digitally renovate it, and create a photoreal 360 panoramic view.

For pricing, please inquire.

We'll take your 2D floor plan and develop a 3D birds eye view of the interior.

For pricing, please inquire.

Why Choose Virtual Staging?

Marketing the room of your clients' dream, easily.  When you sell a property, you want to market to the future owner or tenant.  You want to be able to create a space they can envision themselves in.  With our virtual staging, this can be easily executed by creating a room that meets their vision.

Create an astounding listing that gets noticed.  A room that's visually attractive, fit with furnishings, decor, and proper lighting offers depth and variation for a room versus leaving the room empty without any direction.  Allow the well decorated space to help sell your listing.

Improve your sales quickly.  With more and more buyers and tenants scouring the internet for listings that catch their interest, you can increase buyers interest and sale speed without the needs of traditional staging.

Save money.  You can save money and time by not having to invest in traditional staging that can cost thousands, with monthly fees, and time committed to planning the staging installation.  With traditional staging, you have to allot for costs of movers, installers, interior decorators, and the expense of the furnishing and decor rental.  With our virtual staging process, you pay one flat rate fee with a lightning fast turnaround time.

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